Cody deANER, Rosemary, & Tyson Dux  courtesy of Smashmouth Pro Wrestling




Selling of "Unlicensed Merchandise" is strictly prohibited and at the vendors own risk.

We do not condone and are not responsible for any unlicensed merchandise sold at the event.

No 8x10 photos are to be sold of any Heroes & Legends Fan Fest contracted talent.

Prices must be posted for all merchandise along with your return policy.

No gambling, games of chance or raffles are permitted.

Your vendor privileges entitles you to 2 vendor badges. If you are interested in additional badges - please contact us in advance.


We will be allowing vendor guests as a part of the Heroes & Legends Fan Fest on a limited basis.


We must approve your vendor guest BEFORE you confirm or book them. We have the right to deny any vendor guest.

Vendor table must be purchased if you are only selling merchandise it will be free with approved vendor guest(s).

No vendor guest can have more then 4 guests at the event.

No vendor will be permitted to have more then two guests at their booth at one time.

You must provide us with your pricing information for your guests photo op's and autographs ASAP

You are responsible for your own booth, guest lines - keeping the lines controlled and orderly.

You are responsible for the behavior of your vendor guests. If there are any conduct issues with your guest you will be asked to cease the signing and said guest will be asked to leave the event immediately.

Pornographic material is not permitted to be sold.

To inquire about vendor space please email