Heroes & Legends Wrestling XX
Saturday, August 26, 2023
Evergreen Smoky Mountain Lodge & Convention Center 
4010 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN

* Yabba Dabba Daddy’s def. Amish Country 

* Jeff Paul def. Aaron West

* Kronos def. Izzy Lambert 

* Dru Skillz def. Cadillac Cowboy 

* HLW WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP The Dream Girl Ellie (c) def. Hollyhood Haley J (DQ by using the Sock o Rocks)

* Enzo def. Micky Midas 

* TRIPLE THREAT MATCH The Sultan Of The Sky Orion def. "King" Anton Bomani and Beastman 

* HLW SMOKY MOUNTAIN CHAMPIONSHIP Suge D. (c) def. Chase Stevens

* HLW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Anthony Toatele (c) def. Eric Fallen


Heroes & Legends Wrestling XIX
Saturday, May 19, 2023
Evergreen Smoky Mountain Lodge & Convention Center 
4010 Parkway
Pigeon Forge, TN

The event opened up with Jayson Maples welcoming the crowd and Brad Luzadder singing the national anthem.

*Andrew Anderson won a 20 man battle royale to earn a "cash in chance" for any title.

*Heath Slater b. Alexander Moss 

* Cody Lee b. Micky Midas to retain the Cruiserweight Title

* Haley J b. Su Yung & to earn a ladies Championship shot.

* Jake Omen b. Damian Wayne 

* The Dream Girl Ellie b. Arie Alexander to win the Women's Title 

* Level X b. Dru Skillz and Sam Knight to win HLW Tag Team Titles

 * Gustavo b. Beastman 

* Blaqtus Jack b. Willie Mack 

*Anthony Toatele b AJ Cazana to retain both th HLW Heavyweight and Legends title.

After the match, Andrew Anderson ran out to the ring to (cash in) for the Legends title 

*Andrew Anderson b. Anthony Toatele to win the Legends title

*Suge D. b. Chase Stevens w/Moonshiner Crazy Chuck to win the Smoky Mountain Heavyweight title. 


Heroes & Legends Wrestling XVIII
Saturday, October 29, 2022
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

* David Ali def. Blaqtus Jack 

* Myron Reed def. TGA Moss

* 30 man battle royal (for a title shot)
Haven Harris became the first female wrestler in Heroes and Legends History to win the Battle Royal, after eliminating Officer Rod Street. She earned a title shot for a Championship.. The announcer got in the ring congratulated her and asked who she hopped would win between Missa Kate ✗ and Arie Alexander and would she cash in tonight......
Haven Harris sinply said... "Thanks , and how cute that you think the title i want to challenge for is around a womans waist" .....

* Smoky Mountain Championship 
Chase Stevens def. Dylan Bostic to retain his title.

Arie Alexander def. Missa Kate

After the match had ended, Amazing Maria appeared on stage and said nothing, but motioned around her waist, signifying that she wants to be the Women’s Champion. 

* Erik Redbeard def. J-Rocc Daddy 

* Nick Cutler def. Lord Crewe

Nick Cutler w/ Lauren McNiece entered the ring , Nick grabbed the mic from the announcer. He told the official that he heard his opponent was injured and not appearing and to begin the 10 count so that he could win by count out and go home. When the referee reached a count of 9 Sean Kaleta exited the curtain and stopped the count, announcing that he had found another “bad guy” for Nick to face, in that of Lord Crewe 

* Scotty 2 Hotty def. Scotty Young 

Dru Roberson /Skillz and Sam Knight w/"Hollywood" Alacon Jerome Howse def. The Circuz w/David Barnabas Spector . 

Hollywood Howse took the mic and expressed his disappointment that his Champions had no announced opponents. He then called backup out in the form of about 6 men. David Specter said he had backup of his own and called out Jimmy Wang Yang, and the Godwins. After a brief fight, Dru and Sam successfully defended their titles against the Circuz. As the Champs were heading back up the ramp, the Godwins exited the curtain and a brawl began again, ending with Dru and Sam escaping to the locker room.

Dakota Watson /Cody Lee def. Haven Harris after she cashed in her title opportunity for the Cruiserweight Championship. 

(Cody’s scheduled opponent Paragon was injured and did not appear)

Anthony Toatele def. Russell Jones 

In what might have been the hardest hitting match in Heroes and Legends Professional Wrestling history these 2 men showed exactly what professional wrestling is all about.... their story seems far from over...


Heroes & Legends Wrestling XVII
July 9, 2022
Sevierville Civic Center
Sevierville, TN

AJ Cazana def. Gustavo Aguilar

Dru Skillz/Sam Knight w/ The Director Alacon Howse def. Lord Crewe/Cadillac Cowboy

Ben Bishop def. Phoenix Winterborn & Jay Silva

Slim Trimmons w/ Luna def. Nerd5 (Nelson Edwin Robert Doolittle)

Eugene w/Richie Rich def. Benjamin Boone w/ Harvey Wippleman

Cody Lee (c) def. Don't Die Miles 

Swoggle def. Eric Smallz (c)to win the title

Chase Stevens def. Anthony Toatelle to become the 1st Heroes and Legends Smoky Mountain Heavyweight champion.

Heroes & Legends Wrestling XVI
April 23, 2022
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

The show started with a battle royale.. Russ Jones made his H&L return and won the battle royale...


Jayson "Hurricane" Maples opened the main show with a 10 bell salute for....

* Referee Ben Kauffman 
* JJ McGuire
* Scott Hall

Maples introduced the Heroes and Legends 
Hometown Hero award winner "Luna" Sponsored by Hungry Howies Pizza.

Rod Street came to the ring with 3 partners, Maples said if Rod wanted to bring in back up that he had some friends of his own...

* Jayson Maples w/Fred Rosser, Santino Marella, & The Sandman beat Officer Rod Street w/ Officer 44, Officer 911 and Detective Jones

* J-Rocc beat Ryan Paradise and Brutus Dylan w/David Spector in a 3 way dance

* Paragon beat Scotty Young in a featured title match for FTW wrestling 


Chris Masters beat Nick Cutler and will face a yet to be announced wrestler in Sevierville Tennessee July 9th 2022 for the new Smoky Mountains Heavyweight title. 

Dru Skillz & Sam Knight beat "the Handicapped Heroes" Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron 

Dru and Sam will now face Heroes And Legends tag team champions.  The Headbangers in Sevierville, Tennessee on July 9,  2022 for the Heroes and Legends Tag Team titles.

Missa Kate (c) beat Charlie Kruel to retain the ladies title. 

Cody Lee (c) beat Matt Cross to retain the Cruiserweight title.

Anthony Toatele (c) beat Sean Morley A.K.A. Val Venis to retain the Heroes and Legends & Legends Championships.

After the show, Russ Jones rushed the ring attacking Anthony Toatele... 3 referees and a cleared out locker room kept the 2 pulled apart to end the show. 

Russ challenged Toatele for Oct 29th in Fort Wayne. For Heroes & Legends XVIII!

Heroes & Legends Wrestling XV
October 2, 2021
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

Show opened up with Owner Jayson Maples coming out to welcome the crowd. 

Brad Luzadder sang the National Anthem.

Adam Hart performed his single "Heroes and Legends"

Then the show opened with a 20 man "Rumble Royale"

GINGER DRAGON entered in at #1 and stayed til the end last eliminating Nick Cutler...winning the title match briefcase... Dragon took to the microphone claiming he was giving his title shot to Dru Skillz....Cutler got back in the ring telling The crowd he knew the Dragon was really Dru Skillz.... Cutler called for Jayson maples to come out on the ramp... instead Dru Skillz came down the ramp... Cutler turned just in time to See Ginger dragon pull off his mask to reveal that he was Jayson Maples... Dragon had been awarded a brief case with a title shot in it.... Missa Kate slid back into the ring and stole the case containing the contract.

Maples gave a finisher to Cutler and then told Cutler to stay put as his match was next.....


HEADBANGERS beat SONS OF SAMOA to win vacant titles


* JTG beat KAL HERRO (JTG Wins)


Dru was originally to face Gangrel who was injured and hand picked his replacement Kongo Kong


 The finish saw Juventud Guerrera come down the ramp in a wheel chair which distracted Super Crazy.... Cody Lee scored the win.... Crazy and Juvi... got into a verbal argument and a challenge was made for HLW XVI 
(stay tuned for updates)


Marti Belle scored the pinfall, then cash in by MISSA KATE 

MISAA KATE beat MARTI BELLE (b) to win the title



Heroes & Legends Wrestling XIV
April 24, 2021
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

* Sam Knight beat Officer Rod Street

* Masrshe Rockett beat J-Rocc

HLW Owner Jayson "Huricane" Maples came out and thanked the fans and to do a 10 bell salute in memory of Road Warrior Animal and Tracy Smothers.  After, Nick Cutler came out and demanded that when he beats Maples later tonight that he wants to be guaranteed a HLW Championship match at Heroes and Legends XV.  Maples said that isn't happening.  Cutler was furious and said he would make Maples pay by hurting those close to him until Cutler gets what he wants.

* Scotty Young beat Blake "Money" Wright

* Scramble Elimination for HLW Women's Title: Marti Belle beat Amazing Maria  (c), Vipress, Missa Kate, Billie Starkz, and Sarah The Rebel to win the title

* MIMIC beat Dutch Boi Platinum 

* HLW Minis Title: Eric Smallz (c) vs. Swoggle - No Contest

Before the match could start, Nick Culter along with Salem Crane and Nick Colucci came out and jumped both minis.  Jayson  Maples then came down and cleared the ring.  Swoggle issued a challenge -  Smallz, Maples and Swoggle vs. Cutler, Crane, and Colucci.

* Jayson "Hurricane" Maples, Swoggle, & Eric Smallz beat Nick Culter,  Salem Crane, and Nick Colucci 

* Pineapple Pete (Sugar Dunkerton) beat "Drama King" Matt Rehwoldt

* HLW Cruiserweight Title: Cody Lee (c) beat Cortez Castro to retain the title

* Carlito beat Chris Masters

* Winner Takes All: Anthony Toatele (HLW Champion)  beat Dru Skillz (Legends Champion)  to unify the titles.


Heroes & Legends 
2020 X8 Tournament
Saturday, February 1, 2020
Empowered Sports Club
12124 Lima Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46818

First Round Matches:

* HLW Champion Anthony Toatele beat Scotty Young

* Russ Jones beat HLW Cruiserweight Champion Cody Lee

* Nick Cutler beat Benjamine Boone

* HLW Legends Champion Dru Sklliz beat Office Rod Street

Non- tournament matches:

* Hot Country beat War Hoss in a tag team match

* Jorge Bravo beat Alexander S. Kirk

Second Round Matches:

* Russ Jones beat Dru Skillz

* Anthony Toatele beat Nick Cutler

Final Round:

* Anthony Toatele beat Russ Jones to become the X8 Champion



Heroes & Legends Wrestling
November 9, 2019
3530 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657

* Davey Bang & August Mathews beat Israel Angels & Dean Jacobs

* Levi Everett beat Justin Danger 

* Jorge Bravo beat Chet Rippley 

* Scotty Young beat Hyzaya

*Nick Cutler beat Shane Mercer w/Jason Saint 

After the match, Cutler beat down Sean Kaleta and called out HLW owner Jayson Maples to come out of retirement.

* HLW Cruiserweight Title: Cody Lee beat Mikes Morales, Corey Storm, Mikey BMOC & Ashton Braven to win the vacant title

* Jake Omen beat J Rocc

* HLW Title: Anthony
Toatele (c) beat Kongo Kong to retain the title



Heroes & Legends Wrestling XIII
October 5, 2019
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

* Officer Rod Street won battle royal to earn a shot at any title, at any time

* Matthew Justice beat Jake Omen

* HLW Women's Title: Amazing Maria (c) beat Max The Impaler

* The Boogeyman & Lighting Bolt Johnson beat Kevin Storm & Brutus Dyan

* Shane Mercer beat Mr. Anderson

* J-Rocc beat Kahagas w/ Bill Alfonso

Alfonso turned on Kahagas and helped J-Rocc to victory

* HLW Tag Team Titles: The Bambinos (c) beat The Murphy Boyz

* HLW Legends Title: Dru Skillz beat Tracy Smothers (c) to win the title

Pat Tanaka was the guest referee

* Cage Match for HLW Title: Anthony Toatele beat Kongo Kong (c), Russ Jones, Nick Cutler, & Officer Rod Street to win the title.


Heroes & Legends Wrestling XII
 April 20, 2019
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

HLW Owner Jayson Maples opened the show with a 10 bell salute for King Kong Bundy, Pedro Morales, and Mean Gene Okerlund.  Then Nick Cutler came to the ring saying he was not booked on the show, then attacked Maples prompting Dru Skills to run down and stop the attack by hitting his finisher on Cutler leaving him laying in the ring.  Maples then announced that Cutler was now in the battle royal starting right now...

* Nick Cutler won a 30 man battle royal to earn open shot at any title any time. 

He last eliminated Anthony Toatele but there is some controversy on who hit the ringside floor first.

* Nick "U-Gene" Disnmore beat Office Rod Street

* Hurricane Helms beat Fireball

* HLW Tag Team Championship: The Bomb Shelter (c) beat The Rock N' Roll Express to retain the titles

 Then The Bambinos ran down for an impromptu match beating The Bomb Shelter to win the titles.

* Alex Cruz beat Rey Fury, Joe Alonzo, Joey Ozbourne, Dale Springs and Blanco Loco and in an elimination match to earn a shot at the HLW Cruiserweight championship

* HLW Women's Championship: Amazing Maria beat Avery Taylor, Ellie, Shawna Reed, Charlie Kruel, Thunderkitty to win the vacant title.

* Shane Mercer w/ Jason Saint beat J Rocc

* Jerry "The King" Lawler w/ "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart beat Scotty Young w/ Kash Natalie 

* Dru Skillz beat Gillberg

* Legends Championship: Tracy Smothers beat D'Lo Brown (c) to win title

* MVP beat Jake Omen

* HLW Championship: Kong Kongo (c) beat Russ Jones & Nick Cutler in a 3 way

This match was scheduled to be a singles match between Kong and Jones, but Cutler cashed in his title shot at a time he thought he could get a quick victory. Anthony Toatele came out and ruined his plans. Kong pinned Jones.


Heroes & Legends Wrestling XI
 October 27, 2018
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

* Russ Jones won a battle royal

* Human Tornado beat Sean Casey

* Fireball beat Kikutaro

* Jake Omen beat Scotty Young

* HLW Legends Championship:  D'Lo Brown beat Dru Skillz to crown the first champion

* HLW Mini's Championship:  Eric Smalls beat Swoggle (c) to win the title after guest referee Buddy The Bulldog interfered

Jim Cornette conducted an in ring interview with Brian Pillman Jr.  Nick Cutler interrupted and physically assaulted Cornette.  Pillman ended up hitting Cutler with Cornette's tennis racket.

* HLW Women's Championship: Heather Owens (c) beat Madison Rayne to retain the title

* HLW Cruiserweight Championship:  Sugar Dunkerton (c) beat Nick Cutler to retain the title

* Powers Of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian) beat HLW Tag Champions The Bomb Shelter (Joseph Schwartz & Zodiak) in a non title match

* HLW Title:  Kongo Kong (c) beat Fallah Bahh to retain the title


September 2, 2018 - Converse, IN.

* The Bearded Villain def. Fireball and Damian DeVille

* Eli McFly def. "The Real Deal" Christopher Steele

* Shane Mercer w/ Jason Saint def. Dru Skillz

* Tag Team Championship: The Bomb Shelter def. Legendairy (c) to win the titles.

* Cruiserweight Championship: Sugar Dunkerton (c) def. "Prince" Cody Lee to retain the title

* HLW Championship: Kongo Kong (c)  def. Officer Rod Street to retain the title


September 1, 2018 - Kokomo, IN.

* Cody Lee def. Ric Cannon 

* Benjamin Boone def. Damien DeVille

* Dru Skillz def .Eli McFly

* Officer Rod Street def. Lightning Bolt Johnson

* Tag Championship:  Legendairy (c) def. The Bambinos and The Bomb Shelter in a 3 way dance to retain the titles

* Cruiserweight Championship: Sugar Dunkerton (c) def. Anthony Toatele to retain the title

* HLW Championship: Kongo Kong (c) def.  Shane Mercer w/ Jason Saint


August 31, 2018 - Van Wert, Ohio

* Eli McFly def Fireball

* Dru Skillz def Mr Fitness w/Pinkie Shortcake

* Cody Lee def Officer Rod Street and Chuckles the Clown

* Tag Team Championship: Legendairy(c) def.  Damien Deville and Ric Cannon

* Cruiserweight Championship: Sugar Dunkerton (c) def. Scotty Young to retain the title

* HLW Championship: Kongo Kong (c) def. Shane Mercer
w/ Jason Saint by DQ to retain the title

Heroes & Legends Wrestling X
April 22,2018
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.


* J.C. Bunyon, Fireball & Cletus Farmer beat Midwest Monsters & Drax O’Brien

* Alex Cruz def Rey Fury

Beat The Clock Challenge Series

 The wrestler who won in the shortest amount of time, will receive a shot at any title at any time.

- Officer Rod Street beat Scotty Young
- Hyzaya beat Ames
- Lighting Bolt Johnson beat Benjamian Boone
- Shane Mercer w/ Jason Saint beat Eli McFly
- Dru Skillz beat Cody Lee

Dru Skillz beat Lee in the shortest amount of time to win the series. But this was without controversy.  

Before the match, the "Extreme Six" (Bob, Big Cheez, King, Nate Pheonix, Hank Calhoun, & Justin Rokk) from the old EWF appeared ringside to cheer on Cody Lee and chanting "EWF".  This disruption caused Cody to be caught off guard and to beaten in a matter of seconds!  Cody Lee was furious with the "Extreme Six" and cleared them from the ring before security came and they left through the crowd.  

The "Extreme Six" on social media claimed they had been "left behind" when promoter Jayson Maples rebranded EWF into Heroes & Legends in 2013.  They promised their presence would be known at Heroes & Legends X.

* Anthony Toatele w/Kenzi beat Dylan Bostic w/ Rachel Bostic

* Russ Jones beat Sawyer Fulton

* Jake Omen beat Sami Callihan & Uatamaro in a 3 way dance

* HLW Tag Team Championship:  
Legendairy (Alexander S. Kirk & Matt O'Hare) (c) beat oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) to retain the titles.

Legendairy said they will never lose and gave an open challenge.  Then Cowboy Bob Orton & Tito Santana came out beat up on them.  This ended with Orton giving them an RKO.   Legendairy headed back to the locker room

* HLW Women's Championship: Heather Owens (c) beat Jessicka Havock, Veda Scott, Amazing Maria, & Avista Varlowe in a 5 way to retain the title.

HLW Cruiserweight Championship:  
Sugar Dunkerton w/ Slick beat Jimmy Jacobs

 * James Ellsworth beat Nick Cutler

HLW mascot "Legend The Lion" was introduced to the audience prior the main event.

* HLW Championship: Kongo Kong (c) beat Tatanka

After the match, "Legend The Lion" celebrated with Kongo Kong but then attacked him with the championship belt.  "Legend The Lion" then revealed himself to be Dru Skillz.  


Heroes & Legends Wrestling IX
November 11, 2017
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

* Super Crazy beat Scotty Young

* HLW Women's Championship: Heather Owens (c) beat Amazing Maria to retain the title

* HLW Cruiserweight Championship:  Sugar Dunkerton (c) beat 2 Cold Scorpio to retain the title

* Kikuataro, Dasher Hatfield, & HLW Minis Champion Swoggle beat HLW Tag Champions Legend-dairy (Alexander S. Kirk & Matt O'Hare) (c) & Eli McFly

* Nick Cutler beat Jack Swagger

* Elimination Cage Match for HLW Championship:  Kongo Kong beat Dru Skillz (c), Anthony Toatele, Shane Mercer, Hyzaya, & Lighting Bolt Johnson to win the title

Kongo Kongo eliminated Dru Skillz last by splashing him from the tope rope before getting the pin to win the title.



Heroes & Legends Wrestling VIII
April 9, 2017
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat signed autographs and took photos during the fan fest.

* "Ginger Dragon" won a battle royal to earn an open contract to challenge for any title, at any time.

* Kikutaro beat Officer Rod Street

* HLW Tag Team Championship:  Legend-dairy (Alexander S. Kirk & Matt O'Hare) (c) beat Nic Colucci & Joey Avalon to retain the titles

* HLW Women's Championship:  Heather Owens beat Randi West & Paloma Starr to win the title in a no DQ/open challenge match.

Heather Owens was originally the referee for the match, but then entered herself into the open challenge.

* HLW Minis Championship:  Swoggle beat Eric Smalls to become the first ever champion

* Russ Jones & Scotty Young beat Robbie E & Anthony Toatele

* HLW Cruiserweight Champion Sugar Dunkerton & Adam Rose beat Ricardo Rodriquez & Jake Omen

* Dru Skillz beat Jerry "The King" Lawler

* HLW Championship:  The "Ginger Gorilla" (revealed to be Dru Skillz) beat Ryback & Kongo Kong in a 3 way dance to win the title.

The "Ginger Dragon" cashed in his open contract title shot during the scheduled title match between Ryback and Kongo Kong.  After he won, he removed his mask to reveal himself as Dru Skillz!




Heroes & Legends Wrestling VII
October 22, 2016
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

Nikita Koloff started the night off with a prayer.

Brad Luzzadder sang the national anthem

Announcer Ryan Anderson welcomed the fans to the coliseum and to Heroes & Legends VII

HLW Champion Dru Skillz opened the show to brag about his legendary 1,407 day title reign.  General Manager Vickie Guerrero interrupts Dru and makes it clear to him that she's in charge and that it's her show tonight!

* Troy Miller w/ Ms E-Liz beat Shockwave The Robot

* HLW Tag Team Titles:  
Legend-dairy (Alexander S. Kirk & Matt O'Hare) beat Tracy Smothers/Bobby Fulton w/ Dutch Mantell (c), Anthony Toatele/Eli McFly in a three way elimination match to win the titles.

* HLW Women's Title: Randi West beat Sybil Starr (c) to win the title

*  Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler) beat Officer Rod Street

* HLW Cruiserweight Title:  
Sugar Dunkerton (c) beat Shawn Schultz

* Nick Cutler beat Kongo Kong

Owner Jayson Maples came out the the ring to thank the fans and sponsors at intermission and was interrupted by The Godfather & his ho-train. Godfather told the fans he wants a match at Heroes & Legends VIII.

Referee Justin King was knocked out of the ring.  Nick assaulted Kong with a chain until he fell down to the mat. Nick lifted the apron to reveal Justin King's twin referee (Robert) underneath who gave Nick a fast 3 count for the win. Kong than beat up Referee Robert King and top rope splashed him.

* Carlito beat Jake Omen

* Jack Thriller w/ Swoggle beat Scotty Young

* HLW Title:  Dru Skillz (c) beat Aaron Stevens (Damien Sandow) to retain the title.

After the match, General Manager Vickie Guerrero told Dru that she has selected another opponent to challenge him for the title...

* HLW Title:  
Ryback beat Dru Skillz (c) to win the title
and end Dru's legendary 1,407 day title reign.




Heroes & Legends Wrestling VI
August 27, 2016
Fitness Fest

Fort Wayne, IN.

* Officer Rod Street def. Mr. Fitness

* Russ Jones def. Nick Cutler

* Jay West def. Jason Franchise

* Eli Mcfly def. Jorge Bravo

* Idol Heinze def. Maltese Tiger

* Legendairy def. Louis Lyndon/Kharn Alexander

* Sugar Dunkerton challenged anyone in the locker room. Jorge Bravo snuck out to the ring and attempted to steal the Cruiserweight Title belt from the official, resulting in an impromptu match. Sugar Dunkerton retained.


Heroes & Legends Wrestling VI
March 26, 2016
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, IN.

The show opened with 25 recruits swearing in to the US Army in the ring.

* Sugar Dunkerton won a 20 man over the top rope battle royal last eliminating  Ricardo Rodriguez

By winning the battle royal,  Sugar Dunkerton earned shot at any title he wanted.

* Officer Rod Street beat Colt Cabana

* Russ Jones beat Nick Cutler

* HLW Ladies Title: Sybil Starr beat Sin D to win vacant title

* "The Handicapped Heroes" Zach Gowen and Gregory Iron beat Remi Wilkins and Appollo Q Starr

* 2 Cold Scorpio beat Eli Mcfly

* HLW Cruiserweight Title: Sugar Dunkerton cashed in his battle royal win and then went on to beat DJ Zema Ion and Troy Miller  (c) to become the new cruiserweight champion

*  Billy Gunn beat Anthony Toatele w/Kenzi Alexander

* HLW Tag Titles: Tracy Smothers and Bobby Fulton  beat Jake Omen and Scotty Young  (c) to win the titles

* Tatanka beat Kongo Kong

* HLW Title: Abyss beat Dru Skillz by DQ in a 2 of 3 falls match

Commissioner Road Warrior Animal came out to announce that titles can not change on a DQ, therefore, Dru Skillz is still Heroes and Legends Champion.


Heroes & Legends Wrestling V
July 25, 2015
Lutheran Sports Center
Fort Wayne, IN.


Saturday, November 29, 2014 Results

Whitley County 4-H Fair
680 W Squabuck Rd
Columbia City, Indiana 46725

* Roderick Street b. Jeremy Hadley

* CJ Mac b. Matt O'Hare

* Mark Vandy b. Appollo Q Starr

* Troy Miller w/Ms. E-Liz b. Elijah Mcfly

* Kongo Kong b. Hillbilly Jedd

* Tag Team Championship: Anthony Toatele & Alexander S. Kirk b. Main St. Youth (Jake Omen & Scotty Young) (c) to win the titles.

* HLW Championship: Dru Skillz (c) and Jayson Hurricane Maples fought to a no contest.

 After Maples hit Skillz with his finisher, Kongo Kong came out to attack Maples, then Russ Jones came out to save Maples... then the locker room cleared out and turned into a 20 man battle royal .. it was announced that the winner would get a number 1 contender shot at Dru Skillz....

Dru ended up winning the battle royal.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Heroes & Legends IV"

Fort Wayne Fundome
Fort Wayne, IN

Brad Luzadder sang the National Anthem

* Great Aukuma beat Jun Hado

Sabu came out and dropkicked a chair into Hado's face.

* Anthony Toatele beat Roderick Street, Eli McFly, and Alexander S Kirk in a 4 way dance

* Gangrel beat Kongo Kong

* HLW Tag Champions Jake Omen & Scotty Young with Mark Vandy beat "the bWo" Stevie Richards, Nova, & The Blue Meanie

* Bob Holly beat Kharn Alexander

* Sugar Dunkerton beat Tracy Smothers

* Russ Jones beat Tommy Dreamer

* HLW Championship: Dru Skillz (c) beat Carlito


Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Heroes & Legends III"

Fort Wayne Fundome
Fort Wayne, IN

Brad Luzadder sang the National Anthem

Jayson Maples came out to the ring to talk about Nelson Frazier and brought out Men On A Mission Mo & Oscar who also speak about their friend and brother. A 10 bell salute was rung in honor and a video package was shown as a tribute to Mabel.

* Mike King came to the ring talking about all the legends, then claimed the best thing about the show was that no one would have to hear Oscar rap tonight... which prompted Oscar and Mo to come to the ring..

* Mo beat Mike King

Mike King got back on the mic and claimed that he was not ready for that match and he can beat anyone at any time... Jessie Godderz came to the ring...

* Jessie Godderz beat Mike King

* Shawn Cook & Dylan Bostic beat Appollo Starr & Remi Wilkins & Chuck Weeden & James Rampage in a 3 way tag match

* Buff Bagwell beat Troy Miller

* Kongo Kong w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada beat Mark Vandy

* Roderick Street beat Bushwhacker Luke

* Bobby Steele beat Nikolai Volkoff

* Scotty 2 Hotty beat Kharn Alexander with Kenzi Alexander

* Marty Jannetty beat Eli Mcfly

* HLW Tag Team Championship: Jake Omen & Scotty Young (c) beat Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron to retain the title

* HLW Champonship: Dru Skillz (c) beat Al Snow to retain the  title


Saturday, November 23, 2013

2013 X8 Tournament

Borderman Gym
Converse, IN

* Troy Miller w/ Miss E-Liz beat Joseph Schwartz

First Round:

* Jake Omen beat Donny Idol

* Osyris beat Roderick Street

* Mark Vandy beat "Poison" Appollo Starr

* Kharn Alexander w/ Kenzi beat Darrell Jackson

2nd Round:

* Jake Omen beat Kharn Alexander

* Mark Vandy beat Osyris

* HLW Championship: Dru Skillz (c) beat Christopher Steele by submission


* Mark Vandy beat Jake Omen to become the 2013 X8 Champion


Friday, August 30, 2013

"Heroes & Legends II"

Parkview Field
1301 Ewing St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Fan Fest Matches:

* Chuck Weeden beat Rampage

* Eli McFly beat Gabriel Grey

* Russ Jones beat Xavier Justice and Mike King 

* Darrell Jackson beat GT Vega

* Roderick Street beat Shawn Cook

Main Show:

* Kongo Kong & Awesome Kong beat Joseph Schwartz & Randi West

* Shane Douglas w/ Sunny beat Troy Miller w/ Miss E-Liz

* Chris Masters beat Kharn Alexander w/ Kenzi

* HLW Tag Team Championship: Main Street Youth (Jake Omen & Scotty Young) beat The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) to become the first ever champions

* "Hurricane" Shane Helms beat Mark Vandy

* HLW Championship: Tatanka beat Dru Skillz (c) by DQ


Saturday, June 8, 2013
Bluffton Gym
128 E. Market St.
Bluffton, IN

 * El-Burro Loco beat Jack Thriller

* Joey Owens beat Eli McFly

* Brad Lamen beat Mr. Fitness

* Osyris beat Chuck Weeden

* Darrell Jackson beat T.J. Kemp

* Roderick Street w/ The Todd beat Joe Risk

* HLW Title: Mark Vandy beat Dru Skillz (c) by DQ

It appeared that Mark Vandy beat Skiliz to become the Heroes and Legends Professional Wrestling champion, but unfortunately Drew had punched one of the referees earlier in the Match making it necessary for a 2nd referee to come out and make the 3 count for Mark Vandy. After the Match the first ref reversed the 2nd referees ruling and DQ'd Dru. since the championship can not change hands on a DQ Dru skillz retains the Heroes And Legends title.


Friday, June 7, 2013 
"First Friday Celebration" 
Marion, IN
(Adams St & 1st St.)

Gates open at 6 pm, 7 pm belltime
Heroes & Legends Wrestling Results
Friday June 7th - Marion, IN. First Friday Street Fair 

* El-Burro Loco beat Andy Haley

* Eli McFly beat Joey Owens 

* Chuck Weeden beat Brad Lamen 

* Osyris beat Kharn Alexander with Kenzi Alexander & Dan Grub

* Roderick Street beat Troy Miller

* Mark Vandy beat T.J. Kemp

* Dru Johnson beat Darrell Jackson


Heroes & Legends Wrestling
March 23rd, 2013
Lutheran Sports Center
Fort Wayne, IN.

The show opened with the National Anthem by Brad Luzzadder
followed with 20 recruits swearing into active duty with the US Army in the ring. The new soldiers then left the ring flanked the entrance way, and then... Hacksaw Jim Duggan made his way to the ring through the soldiers to begin the first match.

* HLW Midwestern Champonship: Hacksaw Jim Duggan (c) beat Troy Miller w/ Ms E-Liz to retain the title

HLW promoter Jayson Maples came out to talk to the fans and then was joined by Bret "The Hitman" Hart in the ring. Bret thanked the fans for coming out to support Heroes & Legends.

* Kongo Kong -vs- Brian Christopher

Christopher tried to get Kong to dance... the match never started, Kong clotheslined Brian Christopher and exited the ring.

* Gregory Iron beat Benjamin Boone

* Roderick Street beat Jake Omen and Sugar Dunkerton in a 3 way match

* Mark Vandy beat  Colt Cabana followed by a handshake and a show of mutual respect

* Team Vega (GT Vega, Kharn Alexander, Darrell Jackson, "That Guy" PJB, and Chirstopher Steele) beat Team DiBiase (Jimmy Snuka, Demolition, & Virgil).

Vega pinned Snuka, Virgil abandoned his team, but was stopped at the curtain by Ted DiBiase who gave the Million Dollar Dream to Virgil and disappeared backstage. Vega called out DiBiase who returned and Million Dollar Dreamed Vega, Alexander and even the referee.

* HLW championship: Dru Skillz beat Tatanka to retain the title.