Before the "Heroes & Legends" bell time at 7:00 we will offer the fans who purchase a *show ticket a special opportunity to meet and greet many of your favorite Superstars who are scheduled to appear at the show during our Legends Fan Fest.

Between noon and 7pm you get the opportunity to come face to face with all the Heroes & the wrestling Legends with your general admission seating or ringside seating ticket.

Fan fest and pre show matches are not included with the $15.00 General admission ticket

Gen adm entry begins at 6:30 pm


The Heroes & Legends Fan Fest will feature the following events:

Fan Fest Bonus Matches:

During the "Heroes & Legends" Fan Fest you will be treated to a preview of what is to come later during the main show as we present to you special bonus matches!

Photo & Signing Session:

During the "Heroes & Legends" Fan Fest you will get the opportunity to get your pictures taken with all the wrestlers scheduled to appear at the show, and get their signatures! If you always wanted to get your picture taken with some of your favorite stars this is your chance! Some Superstars may offer you this opportunity free of charge, but most will charge a small additional fee.

*If you want to take your picture with any of our scheduled "Guests", you will need to buy special tickets, available at our Merchandise Stand, (Price Varies) and range from $10.00 to 25.00 ! These special tickets allow you the opportunity to get your picture taken, or have an item signed, by the superstars. When you have purchased your special ticket you can hand them in to the person assisting the Superstar, and you can get your picture taken (with either your own camera, or by our own "Heroes & Legends" Camera Crew*) or have your item singed.

Please note: If you want to have more than one item singed, or take more than one picture, you will have to buy multiple tickets!) This is the only opportunity to get your picture taken with the Superstars, or have your items signed, during the day of the show!

Merchandise Stand :

Visit to our merchandise stand and buy DVD's, T-Shirt and exclusive "Heroes & Legends" merchandise, only available during the show!

Quick VIP seating

If you have bought a VIP seating ticket, the "Heroes & Legends" fan fest is your opportunity to score the best Seats available before the general public arrives!

Please note: You can only get access to the "Heroes & Legends" Fan Fest if you have a general admission ticket or ringside event ticket - Lawn seat ticket admission begins at 6pm



Ticket window opens at 12 noon for day of show advance ticketing

The "Heroes & Legends" Fan Fest gates will open off at 2pm for VIP Ticket holders, Ringside ticket holders & all ringside admission ticket holders.

General admission ticket holders ticket holders will be admitted at 6:30 pm



Q: Will tickets be mailed?

A: No tickets will be mailed! All tickets will be available for pickup at entrance to Heroes & Legends. Everything will be organized for quick pickup please retain your paypal slip for reference. If you do not have your paypal receipt you will not be admitted

Q: What does the General Admission ticket or ringside ticket include?

A: Admission into the Fanfest & Evening event.

All autographs and photos of other guests are additional.

Q: Will the Wrestlers be signing autographs and taking photos during fanfest?

A: Yes this is the main purpose of the event to get autographs and photo opps with the wrestling personalities.

Q: What is a vendor guest?

A: A vendor guest is a talent contracted by an outside vendor to appear at their booth to sign autographs and take pictures.

Q: How can I purchase tickets?

A: Tickets are available exclusively through this web site

Payment method we accept is PAYPAL. You do not need a Paypal account to purchase tickets you just need to follow the links to purchase.

Q: Can I use my own camera to get a photo taken with a wrestler?

A: Yes , we no longer use Polaroid so it is necessary to bring your own camera

we have staff to take your picture or you can have a friend take the picture for you.

if you do not have a camera we can take the photo and upload it onto our website so you can download it.

Q: Why do you charge me to use my own camera to take a picture with a guest?

A. Please understand that these shows cost A LOT of money to present. We have guests contracted to sign and take photos for a set amount of time. We feel we keep our prices as low as possible. With us not charging for each photo op during the session it would not generate the required funds to keep these shows running. As much as we love these shows it needs to be treated as a business.

Q: Can I get my own items signed?

A: Yes! You can get your own items signed as long as you have an autograph ticket for each item signed.


Q: Why do you charge me for each Autograph? Why can't I get multiple signatures for free?

A: Once again see above !! We keep the admission price low to make it family friendly and also, so the fans can pick and choose who and what they want signed. Instead of charging for example a 50.00 daily admission which each person in your party MUST pay. This way is much more efficient and FAN FRIENDLY. Doing it any other way would create an undesirable experience for those attending.

Q: Will you have Photos available for purchase of the guests appearing?

A. We will have a large selection of High Quality Photos of All Guests for purchase they will be 8x10 Glossy Style. Photos are included in Autograph price.

Q: Can I work at your show in exchange for free autographs?

A: We have our own staff of trusted professionals who do a very good job . From time to time we have Job postings, When we do you will find it on the website.

Q: Will mail order be available?

A: Yes - we must have your mail in items to be signed to us no later than March 14th, 2014

Contact us at 865-388-0099 to discuss what items you have to mail in, guidelines for mailing in items and what it will cost.